Staff Biographies

Ram Nunna, President & Co-Founder

Ram Nunna has acquired over 40 years of experience within the in vitro diagnostics industry. Before establishing his first business, United Diagnostics, in 1979, Mr. Nunna served in several product development positions with prominent biomedical firms such as Nova Biomedical, Ciba-Corning, and Instrumentation Laboratories. As president of United Diagnostics, Mr. Nunna successfully positioned his company as a large-volume OEM manufacturer of Blood Gas and ISE Quality Controls. This allowed him to sell United Diagnostics in 1985 to Curtin Matheson Scientific (a subsidiary of Fisons that is now part of Fisher Scientific Healthcare). Mr. Nunna served with Curtin Matheson Scientific for several years before launching his second business, Phoenix Diagnostics, in 1989. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Physical Chemistry from the S.V. University of Tirupati, India.

Robert Welch, V.P. of Manufacturing & Co-Founder

Robert Welch has acquired over 30 years of experience within the in vitro diagnostics industry, having previously worked as a research chemist and manufacturing supervisor for several biomedical firms such as DuPont, Nova Biomedical, and United Diagnostics. Mr. Welch left United Diagnostics in 1989 in order to found Phoenix Diagnostics alongside Ram Nunna. He possesses extensive expertise engineering ISE reagents and liquid stable chemistry controls, and is currently director of new product development at Phoenix. Mr. Welch holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Massachusetts.

Al Jordan, V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Al Jordan has acquired over 30 years of experience in the laboratory equipment and clinical diagnostics industry. He was an original founder of the companies Med-Tech Brokers and Diamond Diagnostics, and was for six years an officer in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army. He joined Phoenix Diagnostics in 2006.